Live in the heart of the arts

Live in the heart of the arts

When real estate developer Urban Genesis got in touch about launching a new apartment community in Dallas, it was immediately apparent that the work we would create together would not be typical real estate advertising. Art and its appreciation are a defining characteristic of the Bishop Arts neighborhood, and with the positioning ‘Live in the Heart of the Arts’ we made it central to every touchpoint of the campaign. On this project I served as creative director, copywriter, strategist, producer, client liaison… whatever needed to be done, I did.

For our first project we invited local artist VET to turn the fence surrounding the construction site into her canvas. Using recycled materials, VET created a vibrant underwater scene: https://www.greensourcedfw.org/articles/recycled-mural-Dallas-bishop-arts

We applied an artist’s filter to everything we did, including these real estate signs which we later turned into postcard brochures and social media posts. The client liked the positioning ‘Live in the Heart of the Arts’ so much that it became the Bishop Highline tagline.

Working closely with the developers, we created a fully responsive website that represents the Bishop Arts District through a unique mix of photography, cinemagraphs, stop motion and time lapse video that we concepted, shot and created ourselves. (Click a monitor to read copy)

The content we created is eclectic and quirky—like the neighborhood—promoting the Bishop Highline by showcasing the 60+ award-winning restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, gyms, art galleries, wine bars and other merchants that are only steps away from tenants’ doors.

Even though we grew our social media presence organically (read slowly), the Bishop Highline was at 90% capacity by the end of my contract.

This mural by #blindartist John Bramblitt was one of several, art-themed events we sponsored for the community. At an epic four stories tall, the mural presented a new challenge for the artist, who is now the only blind muralist in the world.

The story of the mural got picked up by several news stations, including NBC and the ABC affiliate WFAA: https://www.wfaa.com/article/entertainment/arts/blind-artist-and-his-miraculous-mural-in-bishop-arts/287-552418045